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Acueducto de Segovia-Segovia - España -
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Acueducto de Segovia-Segovia - España -

Price: 27,55 EUR
Ref: AEDE-1253
Manufacturer: Aedes ars
Family: Contruccion in stone
Approximate weight: 2.50 kg - 5.51 lb
Description: Segovia's aqueduct-Segovia, Spain - C. Iz/br>

Scale: 1/135
Approx. Nº of pieces: 1.150
Difficulty degree: 6.5/10
Sizes (Mm.): 240 x 140 x 220


It is the eternal symbol of the city of Segovia, in Spain.
It is an extraordinary Roman work and an example of perfection in civil engineering. It is more than two thousand years old and is built with granite blocks of stone joined without any kind of mortar. There are 166 arches and its maximum height reaches 29 metres in the Plaza del Azoguejo. The setting is also very attractive, with the abovementioned square on one side and the Oriental square on the other. From above, from the Gateway, on can enjoy magnificent views over the city.

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