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BAe Harrier GR7a/GR9
Price: 14,53 EUR
Ref: AIRF-04050
Manufacturer: Airfix
Family: Aircraft 1/72
Approximate weight: 0.20 kg - 0.45 lb
Description: BAe Harrier GR7a/GR9

The Harrier GR9 entered service in October 2006 and is a heavily updated development of the existing GR7, incorporating the ability to use a wide range of advanced precision weaponry, new communications, and systems and airframe upgrades. It equips the Joint Force Harrier squadrons crewed by both Royal Air Force and Royal Navy personnel.
Length: 14.36m
Wingspan: 9.25m
Speed: 662mph
Armament: AIM-9 Sidewinder, Maverick, Paveway II, Paveway III, Enhance Paveway, General Purpose Bombs, CRV-7.

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