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British 3 inch gun Churchill tank
Price: 39,80 EUR
Ref: AFVC-35253
Manufacturer: Afv
Family: AFV 1/35
Approximate weight: 0.33 kg - 0.73 lb
Description: British 3 inch gun Churchill tank

The Carrier Churchill, 3-inch Gun, MK-I was an attempt to put a high-velocity gun on tank chassis to give fire power to match the German 88mm gun. No British tank was big enough to take a gun heavier than the 6 pdr, and it was therefore decided to fit a gun in a limited traverse mount in the hull of a Churchill tank. Surplus 3 inch (12.5 pdr) AA guns were adapted for the purpose, and the project for 50 vehicles was initiated in September 1941. The pilot model being ready in February 1942. Trials were successful, but these vehicles never saw combat: by 1943 the Challenger 17pdr gun tank was in development and was thought to a better alternative.
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