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British and German soldiers, Somme Battl
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British and German soldiers, Somme Battl

Price: 12,50 EUR
Ref: MBOX-35158
Manufacturer: Master Box
Family: Militaries 1/35
Approximate weight: 0.32 kg - 0.70 lb
Description: British and German soldiers, Somme Battle, 1916

The story of the kit relates to the events that occurred during the bloodiest Battle of the Somme in 1916 and this kit opens the series of the kits devoted to World War I and commemorating the 100th Anniversary of various events that occurred during 1914-1918. The kit consists of six figures. Four figures are captured German soldiers and two figures are English soldiers-escorts. There are two German prisoners of war carrying a wounded comrade in their hands in the center of the composition, one more captive is going near them and there are two figures of escorts on each side. The figures are animated very well, all figures interact with each other well, nevertheless, the figures from the kit can be used both all together and separately at modeller’s wish, if the modeller wants to create his own story of the diorama. Besides, it is possible both to create an independent vignette from the kit with the use of the figures and to use the kit together with the models of technique of this period from other manufacturers.
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