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Camión Mercedes Actros 1854 LS V8
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Camión Mercedes Actros 1854 LS V8

Article in supply
Price: 50,96 EUR
Ref: REVE-07523
Manufacturer: Revell
Family: Trucks 1/24
Approximate weight: 0.45 kg - 0.99 lb
Description: This second generation Actros that has been made since the beginning of 2003 has also offered a superb and wholly successful combination of economy, performance and comfort. Despite a weight reduction to 7.5 tonnes to provide a higher loading capacity, this new tractor in the Kings Class over 500 hp has persuasive tractive power at the same time as low fuel consumption. This is made possible by a powerful V8 diesel engine that delivers 537 hp. Thanks to refined technology such as the Telligent engine management system, PLD controlled direct injection and exhaust turbocharger, it delivers an outstanding level of efficiency with low fuel consumption. Optional extras are a Telligent manual or automatic gearbox that reacts to the current road conditions. Both of these give very flexible power deployment at the same time as brisk acceleration. In addition, the interior of the Actros offers a perfect workspace. The clearly arranged instruments together with an anti-dazzle display with a driver information system that is visible at a glance are perfectly grouped around the driver. The completely redeveloped cab has a multi-function steering wheel and the new seat has better lateral support. At the same time the generous space available provides quality accommodation. Safety, low operating costs, high driver comfort, great economy and the astonishing performance of the Actros qualify this heavy duty truck to be the standard-setting representative of its class.
Mercedes-Benz Actros 1854 LS V8
Mercedes-Benz Actros 1854 LS V8
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