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Chipping Essentials Weathering Set
Price: 11,50 EUR
Ref: AKIN-138
Manufacturer: AK Interactive
Family: Several
Approximate weight: 0.18 kg - 0.41 lb
Description: Chipping Essentials Weathering Set

AK is proud to present the first weathering set dedicated to the art of
chipping. Inside we have included some of our best selling weathering
products such as: Worn Effects, Heavy Chipping, and our classic Chipping
Color. Virtually any type of paint chip can be easily created. This is a truly
universal set valuable to not only AFV modelers, but aircraft modelers, Scifi
vehicles, trains and so much more. We have added a new product to this
set, inside you will find Aluminium Chipping; a color perfect for replicating
chips in paint that has been applied to aluminium surfaces. Don’t make
the common mistake that a lot of modelers make, that being the use of the
same color for chipping effects. A paint chip on an airplane wing should not
look the same as a paint chip from a tank, or any other AFV.
This set contains:
AK088 Worn Effects
AK089 Heavy Chipping
AK711 Chipping Color
AK139 Aluminium Chipping

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