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German 88mm Gun and Tractor Sd Kfz7
Price: 11,85 EUR
Ref: AIRF-02303
Manufacturer: Airfix
Family: AFV 1/76
Approximate weight: 0.23 kg - 0.51 lb
Description: German 88mm Gun and Tractor Sd Kfz7

The "88" proved to be an excellent anti-tank gun in France in 1940. By the time it arrived in North Africa it was a feared tank killer, which could knock any Allied tank at distances well over 1000 metres. It again proved its reputation in Russia, where it was the only gun capable of dealing with Soviet T-34/76 medium tanks and KW-1 heavy tanks. The Sd Kfz7 could carry gun crews of up to 12 men in theatre-type seats.

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