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HEMTT M983 Tractor with Patriot PAC-2
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HEMTT M983 Tractor with Patriot PAC-2

Price: 127,30 EUR
Ref: AFVC-35S87
Manufacturer: Afv
Family: AFV 1/35
Approximate weight: 0.86 kg - 1.90 lb
Description: SHEMTT M983 Tractor with Patriot PAC-2

The M901 trailer is the launching station (launcher unit) for MIM-104 patriot surface-to-air defense missile system. It is used to transport, aim and launch the missile.The M901 launching station is equipped with 4 Patriot or Patriot PAC-2 sealed canisters. Each M901 has its own on-board power and can be deployed up to 1,000 meters away from the MSQ-104. Communications between the MSQ-104 and the M901 can be done by fiber optic data link or VHF signal. The US Army is now looking at a launcher system that can fire THAAD and Patriot missiles. The launcher is known as the Common Launcher and is the subject of a development contract awarded to Lockheed Martin Missiles and Space Company. The Heavy Expanded Mobility Tactical Truck (HEMTT) is an eight-wheel drive, diesel-powered, tactical truck used by the US military and others. In evolving configurations it has been in continuous production since 1982. The M977 HEMTT entered service with the U.S. Army as a replacement for the M520 Goer. By early 2015 more than 27,000 HEMTTs in various configurations had been produced by Oshkosh Defense through either new-build or re-manufactured. Current variants have the A4 suffix. The M983 is a tractor unit for use with the trailer-mounted MIM-104 "Patriot" missile system. It can also be used with the Interim Stryker Recovery System, or other trailers. An earlier variant fitted with a 30 KW generator and crane mounted behind the cab was used to tow the Pershing II Erector Launcher in CONUS (a M1001 MAN tractor was used in West Germany). The M983A2/A4 Light Equipment Transporter (LET) tractor is mainly used to transport construction and engineer equipment. It has a 45,000 lbs. (20,430 kg) 2 speed hydraulic winch mounted behind the cab used to load the trailer. It does not have a self-recovery winch.
US HEMIT M983 Tractor
US HEMIT M983 Tractor
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MIM-104B Patriot Surface
MIM-104B Patriot Surface
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