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H.M.S, Warspite Queen Elizabeth
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H.M.S, Warspite Queen Elizabeth

Price: 66,60 EUR
Ref: ACAD-14105
Manufacturer: Academy
Family: Boats 1/350
Approximate weight: 1.13 kg - 2.48 lb
Description: Queen Elizabeth Class H.M.S, Warspite

HMS Warspite was a Queen Elizabeth-class battleship of the British Royal Navy. During World War II Warspite gained the nickname "The Grand Old Lady" after a comment made by Admiral Sir Andrew Cunningham in 1943. Warspite and the other vessels in her class were advocated by Admiral Sir John 'Jackie' Fisher, and Winston Churchill, then First Lord of the Admiralty. She served in both World War I and World War II, earning the most battle honours ever awarded to an individual ship in the Royal Navy, including the most awarded for actions in the Second World War.
Royal Navy Battleship HMS Warspite
Royal Navy Battleship HMS Warspite
De Trumpeter a escala 1/350 este modelo para montar y...[+]
HMS Warspite 1915
HMS Warspite 1915
Modelo a escala 1/700 de la marca Trumpeter para montar y pintar.

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