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HMS Victorious
Price: 14,53 EUR
Ref: AIRF-04201
Manufacturer: Airfix
Family: Boats 1/600
Approximate weight: 0.32 kg - 0.71 lb
Description: HMS Victorious

HMS Victorious joined the Home Fleet in May 1941. Just nine days later her inexperienced pilots encountered and attacked the Bismarck.
She also escorted convoys to Russia, took part in the North African landings in 1942 and had a spell with the US Navy (being re-named as the USS Robin). After returning to the Royal Navy in early 1944, her aircraft participated in the attack on the Tirpitz. She then returned to the Pacific War.
The box illustration shows HMS Victorious in the 1960s.
HMS Victorious S-29 Vanguard Class SSBN
HMS "Victorious" S-29 (Vanguard Class) SSBN Submarine
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