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Imprimador blanco ultrafino
Price: 6,90 EUR
Ref: AKIN-759
Manufacturer: AK Interactive
Family: Several
Approximate weight: 0.20 kg - 0.44 lb
Description: White primer and microfiller

Ultrafine high quality auto-leveling white primer, with support gripping force
and durability. It can be diluted with AK470 Xtreme Cleaner/Thinner, although
it is ready to be immediately applied by airbrush. For cleaning, we
recommend the use of AK470 Xtreme Cleaner/Thinner.
Mercedes SLS GT3 Presentation Car #7
Mercedes SLS GT3 Presentation Car #7
Una primera decoración en color blanco con el dorsal #7 del modelo que presentó la marca de la estrella ju...[+]

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