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Madera Vieja y Envejecida
Price: 13,20 EUR
Ref: AKIN-562
Manufacturer: AK Interactive
Family: Acrilics paintings
Approximate weight: 0.27 kg - 0.59 lb
Description: Wood & Weathering

This set contains 6 acrylic paints specifically design to paint different wood tones to get several effects of old woods. Additionally, these paints can be use with brush or airbrush offering complete flexibility.
They are water soluble which removes aggressive thinners and odors from our homes; this also makes thinning the colors very easy
Madera Nueva y Vieja
OlMadera Nueva y Vieja
Este set de 8 colores acrílicos en botellas de 17ml incluye un pa...[+]
Madera Vieja y Envejecida 2
Madera Vieja y Envejecida 2

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