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Masia del Barša-Barcelona - Espa˝a - S.
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Masia del Barša-Barcelona - Espa˝a - S.

Price: 50,40 EUR
Ref: AEDE-1405
Manufacturer: Aedes ars
Family: Contruccion in stone
Approximate weight: 4.20 kg - 9.25 lb
Description: Barša's masia-Barcelona, Spain - C. XVII


Scale: 1/50
Approx. N║ of pieces: 3.900
Difficulty degree: 5/10
Sizes (Mm.): 350 x 300 x 175


The MasÝa, the farmhouse, situated beside the Camp Nou stadium in Barcelona, Spain, is where the bright young hopes of F.C. Barcelona are nurtured. This symbolic building, which forms part of the heritage and history of F.C. Barcelona, is an old farmhouse dating from 1702. In 1966, the MasÝa was fitted out as the club's central offices and thirteen years later, in 1979, was converted into a residential centre for their youth team players. The building has two floors and occupies a space of 610 square metres. Dozens of youngsters live there, all of them with the dream of playing for Barcelona's first team as occurred with high level players like Guardiola, Messi or Iniesta.

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