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Metal Aluminio Oscuro
Price: 5,20 EUR
Ref: AKIN-480
Manufacturer: AK Interactive
Family: Metallic Paint
Approximate weight: 0.15 kg - 0.33 lb
Description: Xtreme Metal color Aluminio Oscuro

High quality metallic colors developed with outstanding pigments, and especially formulated for the modeller to achieve the best results. Resistant to any kind of weathering, with ultra high coverage power, high sheen, there is no need to prime due to its resistance and you can varnish without altering its glossiness. These are quite simply the highest quality metallic paints ever seen.
Dodge ViperSRT-10
Dodge ViperSRT-10
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RAF Day Fighters Pre-War to 1941
RAF Day Fighters Pre-War to 1941
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