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Panelador para Arena Camuflaje Desierto
Price: 3,90 EUR
Ref: AKIN-2073
Manufacturer: AK Interactive
Family: Weathering Products
Approximate weight: 0.15 kg - 0.33 lb
Description: Panelier Sand and Desert Camouflaje

A new high quality enamel product, developed for scale aircraft models, with an improved fl ow for easy creation of depth, and emphasis of surface detail. This product is perfectly suitable for aircraft models which are painted in uniform green or brown schemes, or carrying camoufl age patterns composed of both of these colours.
Bristish 6 Pound Cañon antitanque
Bristish 6 Pound Cañon antitanque
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Jeep S.A.S. Britanico
Jeep S.A.S. Britanico
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