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Set para envejecimiento de motores y met
Price: 17,50 EUR
Ref: AKIN-087
Manufacturer: AK Interactive
Family: Weathering Products
Approximate weight: 0.30 kg - 0.66 lb

This set contains everything necessary to do great realistic effects on any type of engine or metal objects, such as tank tracks. There are two colours for the engine, for effects of dirt and grease, which can give an unbelievably real finish. For the metal objects and tracks we have designed a wash, a dark rust coloured pigment and a super metal coloured pigment, which has no equal on the market from any other brand or manufacturer of pigment. This steel coloured pigment is very bright when you rub it, the more you rub it the shinier it gets. Also this ultra fine pigment doesn’t contain metallic particles as you would normally find in other products on the market. Achieve a realistic steel finish like you have never seen before.
Aircraft Scale Moldelling F.A.Q.
Aircraft Scale Moldelling F.A.Q.
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ES-3A Shadow
ES-3A Shadow
De Italeri a escala 1/48 para montar y pintar.
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