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Tiger I Late Production w/Zimmerit
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Tiger I Late Production w/Zimmerit

Price: 69,50 EUR
Ref: DRAG-6383
Manufacturer: Dragon
Family: AFV 1/35
Approximate weight: 0.32 kg - 0.71 lb
Description: Tiger I Late Production con Zimmerit

The Tiger I is an iconic tank of WWII, and its legendary status extends well beyond the limited number of 1355 that were built. Armed with an 8.8cm KwK 36 L/56 main gun and a pair of MG34 machineguns, this massive tank was fortified with armor up to 110mm thick. Building upon Dragon’s masterly 1/35 Tiger kits previously released, this newest big cat comes with a full coating of Zimmerit. In fact, it’s Dragon’s first 1/35 Tiger I with Zimmerit, and it’s the result of detailed research. This Zimmerit is produced to an extremely high quality, both in terms of the correct pattern and the scale effect of the texture. The kit utilizes all the innovations and detail of Dragon’s Tiger I Late Production, but this kit receives a brand new turret, upper hull, lower hull and rear panel in order to show off the Zimmerit. This is truly a masterpiece that blends computerized technology with the touch of the skilled sculptor. Adorned in its new coat, this big cat is ready to prowl a diorama scene or to grace a display shelf!
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