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Valentine Mk. III W/Rotatrailer
Price: 58,30 EUR
Ref: AFVC-35201
Manufacturer: Afv
Family: AFV 1/35
Approximate weight: 0.37 kg - 0.81 lb
Description: Valentine Mk. III W/Rotatrailer

The British medium tank fitted with the "Rotatrailer" system. The Rotatrailer was a British design, intended to provide armoured units with additional supplies of ammunition and fuel by towing them in a two-wheeled trailer behind of their tanks. Successful trials of the initial version, the Rota-tank, were undertaken at the British Directorate of Tank Design’s (DTD) Wheeled Vehicles Experimental Establishment (WVEE) at Farnborough, in January 1942. By May a contract had been placed with a British firm, Tecalemite, to produce Rotatrailers for the British War Office. First units received their new system by April of 1943 during the first stages of Italian campaign.
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