Aerografo Infinity Dos en Uno (Vista 1)
Aerografo Infinity Dos en Uno (Vista 2)
Aerografo Infinity Dos en Uno (Vista 3)
Aerografo Infinity Dos en Uno (Vista 4)

Aerografo Infinity Dos en Uno

Ref.: HARD-136543

Logo Harder & Steenbeck

285,00 EUR

Infinity Two in One Airbrush


The Infinity “2 in 1” is the high-end airbrush for professional fine art application, it not only sets new standards in design, but also offers smart functional possibilities and a more comfortable use.

The Quick Fix system allows a very precise paint volume control by means of an engraved scale.

Lever resistance is individually adjustable and the open needle cap provides permanent control of the needle’s tip.

The 2 in 1 includes a Nozzle set of 0.15 mm. and 0.4 mm. and two cups of 2 and 5 ml. and the distance cap

Herramientas - Aerografia - Harder & Steenbeck


Guia de Modelismo para Principiantes
Publicaciones - Libros - AK Interactive

12,50 EUR



Estacion Limpieza
Herramientas - Aerografia - Vallejo

16,50 EUR



Cabina Extractora Aerografía con Led
Herramientas - Aerografia - Dismoer

163,50 EUR

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