Arbustos Altos - Blanco Verde (Vista 1)
Arbustos Altos - Blanco Verde (Vista 2)
Arbustos Altos - Blanco Verde (Vista 3)
Arbustos Altos - Blanco Verde (Vista 4)
Arbustos Altos - Blanco Verde (Vista 5)
Arbustos Altos - Blanco Verde (Vista 6)

Arbustos Altos - Blanco Verde

Ref.: GREE-04262

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8,80 EUR

Tall Shrubs - Green White


Ultra-realistic GSW vegetation in the form of tall shrubs. 

These are formed by multiple synthetic stems with leaves and foliage, as well as natural vegetation, which provides a high level of realism. 

The stems can be entangled to create dense shrubs and bushes, or they can be separated to cover larger areas.

Each blister contains 8x8x3cm in densely packed shrub stems.

Each stem is approximately 4 cm long.

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Dioramas F.A.Q.
Publicaciones - Libros - AK Interactive

79,00 EUR



Flores Violetas - Autoadhesivas - 6mm
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8,00 EUR



Matas Cesped Verde Realista
Herramientas - Escenografia - Green Stuff World

5,35 EUR



Guia Maxima Dioramas Vol.II
Publicaciones - Libros - Accion Press

39,50 EUR

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