Cañon 88mm Flak 36 y sirvientes

Ref.: DRAG-6260

54,50 EUR

German Gun 88mm Flak 36 w/Flak Artillery Crew
The 88 mm gun (eighty-eight) is a German anti-aircraft and anti-tank artillery gun from World War II. They were widely used throughout the war, and could be found on almost every battlefield. Developments of the original models led to a wide variety of guns that could be identified as "an 88".

Maquetas - AFV 1/35 - Dragon


88mm Flak36 Anti-Areoplane Gun for DML
Maquetas - Fotog. 1/35 - Lion Roar

32,38 EUR



Marder II
Maquetas - Fotog. 1/35 - Voyager Model

35,69 EUR



German 8.8cm Anti-Tank Gun crew - 9 Figu
Figuras - Alemanes WWII 1/35 - Hobby Fan

57,42 EUR



Antiaereo Aleman 36/37 de 88mm
Maquetas - AFV 1/35 - Tamiya

25,50 EUR

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