Catapulta Romana (Vista 1)
Catapulta Romana (Vista 2)
Catapulta Romana (Vista 3)
Catapulta Romana (Vista 4)
Catapulta Romana (Vista 5)
Catapulta Romana (Vista 6)
Catapulta Romana (Vista 7)
Catapulta Romana (Vista 8)

Catapulta Romana

Ref.: ANDR-SGS005

Logo Andrea

139,75 EUR

The Roman Catapult


From the Andrea Miniatures brand on a 54 mm scale, it consists of 61 metal pieces.

Resin base.

Brass rings. Steel rod. 15 cms of rope. Includes assembly guide and painting in English and Spanish.

Figuras - Roma - Andrea


Imperio Romano
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33,50 EUR



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17,50 EUR



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3,20 EUR

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