Colores Caunter Británicos (Vista 1)
Colores Caunter Británicos (Vista 2)
Colores Caunter Británicos (Vista 3)
Colores Caunter Británicos (Vista 4)

Colores Caunter Británicos

Ref.: VALL-71211

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14,50 EUR

British Caunter Colors


In this case of 6 colors Model Air of 17 ml. we can find the references that will allow us to apply the well-known camouflage type Caunter on trucks and armored, as well as in other equipment that was grouped by this new regulation of disruptive camouflage.

The nuances have been studied especially following the historical indications of M. Starmer.

The references Light purple Brown and Ligth Stone are also included to represent the two-tone camouflage.

Herramientas - Pinturas Set - Vallejo


Camion Ligero Britanico CS8
Maquetas - AFV - Plus Model

79,60 EUR



Transporte universal británico Mk. II
Maquetas - AFV - Tamiya

16,85 EUR



Quad y Cañon de 25 PDR Britanico
Maquetas - AFV - Tamiya

29,70 EUR

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