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Colores piel

Ref.: VALL-70125

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33,50 EUR

Skin colours 16 colours


Collection of 16-color Model Color cases for painting models and miniatures.

Each of the cases has a selection of special colors to paint vehicles, figures, etc..

They contain 16 bottles of 17 ml. (with eyedropper) and a color card.


70.803 Pink Brown

70.815 Meat Base

70.845 Golden Meat

70.846 Brown Mahogany

70.860 Medium Meat

70.899 Prussian Blue Osc.

70.909 Red C. Vermillion

70.921 English Uniform

70.923 Unif. Japanese WWII

70.926 Red 70.927 Dark meat

70.928 Light Meat

70.929 Light Brown

70.941 Toasted Shade

Herramientas - Pinturas Set - Vallejo


Imprimacion Blanca
Herramientas - Imprimaciones - Vallejo

12,75 EUR

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