Colores Rusos Modernos Set 1

Ref.: AKIN-4130

13,20 EUR

Colores Rusos Modernos Set 1
This set offers the modeller the six colours essential for replicating the camouflage patterns that are most commonly seen on the vehicles of the Russian army and armed forces of many of the post-Soviet states. These colours are also valid for the vehicles used in the late Soviet era. These acrylic paints are formulated for both brush and airbrush use, and they are soluble in water, meaning that you won’t have odours as you would experience from the more aggressive, solvent-based paints. Our acrylics are manufactured by AK-Interactive, and are made to our own formula, which prevents problems with them drying in the airbrush, causing potential blockages. you can achieve a matt finish with our Ultramatte varnish. set includes: AK-4008 Black Grey; AK-4131 Greyish Yellow; AK-4132 Mustard Yellow; AK-4133 Pale Grey; AK-4134 Green Khaki; AK-4135 Base Green

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