Estados Unidos aviones de la Marina  (Vista 1)
Estados Unidos aviones de la Marina (Vista 2)

Estados Unidos aviones de la Marina

Ref.: TAMI-89969

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10,90 EUR

For WWII US Navy Aircraft
This is a weathering Master set designed for adding a touch of weathering realism to your models. This set is ideal for U.S. Navy aircraft from WW II. Handy plastic case contains 3 marking colors, of which 1 is brand new. Dull Blue (new!): used to simulate fading effects on the navy blue color employed on WWI U.S. Navy aircraft fuselage panels Rust: Particularly useful around the aircraft’s exhaust. Light Green: Provides an excellent 3D effect to areas such as the cockpit and landing gear. Double-ended applicator features brush and sponge tools.

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