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F.A.Q. 3

Ref.: AKIN-288

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67,95 EUR

F.A.Q. 3 


From AK Interactive

464 pages.


This new Super-Book, like its predecessors in this same series of technical manuals called “FAQ”, is dedicated to modeling military vehicles and the techniques used for assembly, painting and weathering. The difference with the previous book is that we have moved on in the timeframe and this book is a complement of the previous ones. It also explain some new techniques that have appeared these last years, mainly to use in modern vehicles but that can be also used in vehicles of all eras. The most complete book for military vehicles edited until now.

The materials that make up modern vehicles and weapons have changed considerably since World War II. Materials that were out of the question on a technological and industrial level back then are now commonplace. The use of these new materials and the manufacturing and assembly methods reflect on the way we paint and weather these models; they require a different approach.

Like many other things in life, in the end the purpose is to take up new challenges. In this book we present some of those challenges. Simply essential for the modeller of military vehicles.


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