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Flores Naranjas

Ref.: GREE-67801

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5,25 EUR

Orange Flowers - Self-adhesive - 6mm


From Green Stuff World Innovative self-adhesive flower mattes (or Blossom Tufts) ideal for decorating miniature stands, models, scenery, landscapes, roads, etc ...

All you have to do is peel off the bushes with a pair of tweezers and fix them with self-adhesive glue on the surface to be decorated.

Bear in mind that although they are self-adhesive, a drop of glue may be necessary on some irregular surfaces for a permanent solution.

Grass type: Flock Nylon + Leaves color mixture

Support sheet size: 4x15cm

Fiber size 6mm high

Contents:> 50 tufts with flower

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Dominando la Vegetacion en Modelismo
Publicaciones - Libros - AK Interactive

10,95 EUR

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