Galeón Español San Juan S. XVI

Ref.: ARTE-18022

128,75 EUR

Galeón Español San Juan S. XVI


Latin Crafts traditional hollow hull assembly kit with false keel and factory pre-cut ribs.

Once finished the model is 520 mm long, 615 mm high and 126 mm wide.

The scale of the model is 1/90

History of

Build the galleon San Juan. It was uilt in 1576, was part of the fleet of galleons of Castile, intimately linked to our history because of their regular Spanish ports from India arrivals depended the Spanish economy and sustaining frequent wars in Europe to maintain position as a world power. Reissue updated and improved this classic American Crafts. Since it appeared in the Armada galleons mid-sixteenth century warships were quintessential for nearly 150 years.

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