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Blue Grey


Model Wash Blue Grey 76.524 is recommended for Panzer Grey based vehicles as well as all similar based vehicles.

Model Wash, formulated water based washes with a matt finish.

It offers the modeller a new interpretation of the ageing process. 

A wash is a very diluted colour, with high capillarity, which is used to highlight the details and panels of the models in order to create a contrast usually produced by wear and tear and dirt of climatic or operational origin.

The versatility of Model Wash allows it to be used as a spot wash, to recreate shadow and dirt effects around details such as rivets or panel lines. 

It can be used as a filter, applied evenly over part of the model, to vary the background shade. 

Model Wash dries very quickly and allows painting or weathering processes to continue about 20 minutes after application. It can be used with brush or airbrush. 

The tools can be cleaned with water

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