HMS Beagle

Ref.: OCCR-12005

119,50 EUR

HMS Beagle


At Occre scale 1/60 with measures of 

Length 720 mm 

Height 480 mm 

Width 230 mm

In wood and metal for mounting 

History of

The HMS Beagle was one of the most famous ships of its time for various reasons. The most famous of all were undoubtedly its naturalistic research voyage, led by Commander Robert FitzRoy and with a young Darwin on board.

Launched on the Thames on May 11, 1820, it was built by the Wollwich shipyards. In July of the same year, as part of King George IV's coronation celebrations, it was the first ship to sail under the new London Bridge.

In total, HMS Beagle made 3 great voyages. It was not until his second voyage that Darwin embarked. Of the nearly five years this second expedition lasted, Darwin spent three years and three months on land and eighteen months at sea.

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