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H.M.S. Prince

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The HMS Prince is one of the most beautiful English ships of the Designed XVII century by Phineas Pett son was thrown away in Chatham in 1670. It was a ship of first class armed with 100 ordnance of range from 42 pounds in the superior covers until of three pounds in the inferior cover. Their company in time of war was of 780 men. I deign successor of the designed HMS Royal Sovereign by Phineas Pett father. In 1672 their first participated in the battle of Solebay warlike action taking the flag of the DUque from York to the Lord season Admiral of the real fleet and later King King Kames II from England in the third war between England and Holland. The battle finished with an English victory but they in her damaged the H.M.S. Prince so gravely that the Duke temporarily change of putting their their flag. In the action the Capitan of the Armada Sir John Cox died on the Prince because of the received wounds. The H.M.S. Prince survived up to 1692. Scale 1/ 61

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