Italian Heavy Cruiser Pola   (Vista 1)
Italian Heavy Cruiser Pola  (Vista 2)

Italian Heavy Cruiser Pola

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Italian Heavy Cruiser Pola
After an intensive activity in peacetime, at the beginning of the Second World War, Pola was the flagship of Admiral Riccardo Paladini, commander of the second squadron, and participated in 12 combat actions until its collapse, including the battles of Calabria and Cape Spartivento. In the Battle of Cape Matapan Pola, immobilized by a torpedo, was left behind. At night the remaining Italian cruisers were in your search. However, when Zara and Fiume reached their height, were sunk by the Royal Navy cruisers Británica.De fled the other night. The history of the cruise ended with bad suerte.Esa night cruise sank in 28 minutes, of the 800 crew members were saved only 300

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