Kit peana tranvía (Vista 1)
Kit peana tranvía (Vista 2)
Kit peana tranvía (Vista 3)
Kit peana tranvía (Vista 4)

Kit peana tranvía

Ref.: OCCR-55100

Logo Occre

28,50 EUR

Tram stand kit


Display your model of tramway or model of antique vehicle with this exhibition stand.

In the kit you will find the wooden parts of the base, the stones to simulate the roadway or the rails to connect the tram or vehicle.

Perfect complement to enjoy the results of your hobby, model railroad or modelism of old vehicles.

Naval - Varios - Occre


Tranvia Lisboa
Naval - Tranvias - Occre

99,50 EUR



Tranvia de San Francisco
Naval - Tranvias - Occre

96,50 EUR



Tranvia Berlin
Naval - Tranvias - Occre

93,50 EUR



Tranví­a Sóller
Naval - Tranvias - Occre

95,50 EUR



Tibidabo Tranvia Blau
Naval - Tranvias - Occre

95,50 EUR



Tranvia Cibeles Cagrejo
Naval - Tranvias - Occre

89,95 EUR

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