Leopard 2 A6 (Vista 1)
Leopard 2 A6 (Vista 2)
Leopard 2 A6 (Vista 3)
Leopard 2 A6 (Vista 4)
Leopard 2 A6 (Vista 5)
Leopard 2 A6 (Vista 6)
Leopard 2 A6 (Vista 7)
Leopard 2 A6 (Vista 8)
Leopard 2 A6 (Vista 9)
Leopard 2 A6 (Vista 10)

Leopard 2 A6

Ref.: TAMI-35271

Logo Tamiya

48,50 EUR

Leopard 2 A6

The latest upgrade to the Leopard 2 is a newly designed 55 caliber 120mm smoothbore main gun. The 2 A6 retains improvements made to previous Leopard 2 tanks including wedge shaped spaced armor effective against chemical weapons and improved electric gun control and stabilization system. The use of the 2 A6 continues to spread throughout Europe with the Netherlands, Spain and Greece adopting the 2 A6 as their main battle tank.

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