Limpiador de pinceles al alcohol  (Vista 1)
Limpiador de pinceles al alcohol  (Vista 2)

Limpiador de pinceles al alcohol

Ref.: VALL-28900

Logo Vallejo

4,10 EUR

Brush Cleaner alcohol


Used for cleaning brushes that have been used alcohol-based paints (Liquid Oros) or simply brushes that need a more thorough cleaning.

No damage sable brushes can be used with all types of brushes.

Presentation: Bottles of 85 ml.

Herramientas - Varios - Vallejo


Estacion Limpieza
Herramientas - Aerografia - Vallejo

16,50 EUR



Restaurador de pinceles
Herramientas - Varios - Vallejo

4,00 EUR

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