Lockheed P-38 F / G Lightning

Ref.: TAMI-61120

69,75 EUR

Lockheed P-38 F / G Lightning


Tamiya assembly kit in plastic to scale 1/48

History of

This World War II fighter had a bold design with two double arms and a piston engine in each, as well as a central gondola that housed the cabin and the armament (machine guns and cannons in the nose). Introduced in June 1941, the aircraft was widely used in the Pacific during World War II. 

The F variant was manufactured from April 1942 and had 150 gallon drop tank pylons to be able to bomb longer missions. 

Later, the P-38Gs had more powerful engines and could carry 300-gallon larger drop tanks. 

The P-38 was used for intercepting, swooping, level bombing, ground attack, night combat, photographic reconnaissance, radar and visual route finding for bombers and evacuation missions, and widely as a long-range escort fighter when equipped with drop tanks under its wings. 

Maquetas - Avion 1/48 - Tamiya
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