M-ATV Foto DVD (Vista 1)
M-ATV Foto DVD (Vista 2)
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Ref.: AKIN-AK096

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Interactive AK brand. New series of photographic coverage of different vehicles with hundreds of photos of New M-ATV spectacular, one of the new American army vehicles and reproduced in plastic Kinetic and Panda. This DVD is in PAL format contains hundreds of photos of every detail, such as suspension, interior, weapons and version of Afghanistan. This DVD also contains software to see all the pictures in a slide show or gallery mode. All photos are also in high resolution with watermarks so you can print on your printer and enlargements of details that interest you when you build your model. The content of this DVD amounts to 4 books of 76 pages, but with a much lower price. If you're looking for the best photographic references at the best price, this is your choice.

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