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Mascara liquida

Ref.: GREE-01070

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3,50 EUR

Liquid mask


Turquoise-blue masking fluid that covers and protects the areas of your figure or model that you do not want to paint. 

When the liquid dries, it creates a thin film that, once you have finished painting the rest of your figure, is very easily removed by pulling it out.

Thanks to its formulation, the product is soluble in water, which allows you to adjust the intensity of the mask, delay its drying and clean it more easily.

For its application we recommend using the brush that comes with the product, although you can also use any other brush.

We recommend applying at least 2 thin layers of the product on the surface to be protected, so that the mask has some body and then does not break when it is removed.

If we do this, the mask will come out practically effortlessly.

Approximate drying time: 15 minutes.

Contents: 1 glass bottle of 10 ml with applicator.

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