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Montañes Pack 3

Ref.: OCCR-15000P3

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Mountains Pack 2


From Occre you can buy each part of the model comfortably as you need it.

The only condition is that you must have purchased the previous pack in order to purchase the next one, and of course, you can request one or more packs per purchase, correlatively.

Scale 1/70

Length 1250 mm, Height 895 mm, Width 470 mm

History of

The Montañés represents the highest degree of perfection reached by Spanish naval architecture, being able to compare our ships with those of the rest of the world's navies.

This ship did not carry as a mask the royal lion but the figure of a Montañés in gratitude to the mountaineers for their economic contribution made for its construction.

The ship was launched in El Ferrol on 14 May 1794.

It was said of him that his properties were extraordinary whether sailing bowling, long or aft, and that he kept his batteries out of the water more than any other ship.

He fought in several missions, among them Trafalgar carrying an artillery of 76 guns and 4 carrons with shells placed in the awning.

On March 6, 1810, due to a violent storm, it sank in front of the Bay of Cadiz.

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