Opel Blitz  (Vista 1)
Opel Blitz  (Vista 2)
Opel Blitz  (Vista 3)
Opel Blitz (Vista 4)
Opel Blitz (Vista 5)
Opel Blitz (Vista 6)

Opel Blitz

Ref.: ITAL-00216

Logo Italeri

23,25 EUR

Registered by the Wehrmacht under the designation LKW 3,6-36 S 3t Blitz, this truck was the typical example of that practice of unification adopted in 1938 for the construction of civil transport means convertible into military vehicles. Actually, this truck - OPEL without BLITZ - was manufactured for commercial use featuring more or less the same characteristics.

Maquetas - AFV - Italeri
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