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Paleta Húmeda

Ref.: AKIN-AK8064

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12,75 EUR

Wet Palette


The wet palette is a tool mainly used by figure painters, but more and more people when painting with acrylics, it extends the working life of any acrylic so you can use them for hours and allows you to keep the colors and mixtures closed to have them available for several days, can even be stored in the fridge without problem.

It consists of three parts,

-Sponge to accumulate large amount of water to be very thick,

-Cloth of fiber on this sponge to level, to make of filter of humidity and to act of interchangeable element if it stains everything or if it deteriorates for not using for a long time.

-High quality special paper (formulated with a thin silicone film) that allows humidity to pass through and keeps the colours fresh, without smearing or dissolving them. 

It holds perfectly the work of brush without releasing fibers or hair of any kind.

The wet palette is completely watertight, is manufactured in the same way as boxes for marine use to protect flares, planes and medicines with closures that ensure their airtightness.

This greatly extends the storage life of the paints especially in summer, even in extreme conditions.

In addition, you'll always find all the spare items available indefinitely and as the palette, so you can directly open them and get to work.

Both parts can be used as a work surface if desired, spare parts are also valid for both parts.

The size is designed to offer the largest possible work surface in the smallest possible space, so as not to get in the way of the work table.

Completely stable to movement

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