Panther G w/Steel Road Wheels  (Vista 1)
Panther G w/Steel Road Wheels (Vista 2)

Panther G w/Steel Road Wheels

Ref.: DRAG-6370

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69,50 EUR

Panther G w/Steel Road Wheels
This latest 1/35 Panther Ausf. G Late Production, is a steel wheel version. Steel-rimmed “silent bloc” wheels, which saved on dwindling supplies of rubber, were introduced in very limited number of O-series vehicles from September 1944 onwards. Such steel wheels had been successfully used on Tigers, and they were also to be standardized on the updated Panther Ausf. F, a tank that never reached fruition. A brand new set of ice cleats are available to add to the Panther Magic Tracks.

Maquetas - AFV - Dragon


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Maquetas - Fotograbados - Royal Model

18,06 EUR

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