Piedra Pomez Gruesa (Vista 1)
Piedra Pomez Gruesa (Vista 2)

Piedra Pomez Gruesa

Ref.: VALL-26213

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11,50 EUR

Thick Pomez Stone


Of Acrylics Vallejo

Placing a model in a diorama, a vignette, means giving our model or figure a stage, a reality and a physical environment that will give a dimension of location, a reason for humidity or mud, the dry sand of a desert or the dark earth of the wooded areas of central Europe. 

The Diorama Effects range provides the modeler with the means to reproduce terrain, snow, mud and water effects that will bring greater realism to his model.

Diorama Effects is non-flammable and contains no solvents.

Coarse Pumice Stone is a thick paste of resin and natural pumice stone, with a rough grey finish, to create irregular surfaces and terrains, reliefs and peaks.

Herramientas - Escenografia - Vallejo


Imprimacion Blanca
Herramientas - Imprimaciones - Vallejo

12,75 EUR

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