Plataforma pesada de 6 ejes y 80 toneladas

Ref.: SABR-35A05SVP

59,50 EUR

Schwerer Plattformwagen 6-Axle 80 ton


From the Sabre brand to scale 1/35 to assemble and paint.

Perfect for Tiger I / KingTiger / Elephant / Jagdtiger / Heavy tank series in the Second World War.

Diagram and precise dimensions based on factory drawings.

Complete structure of bogies, brake pads and frame keels.

Foldable handrails; Special steel cable fixing slots, brakes, fixed pressure piles and numerous details are faithfully restored.

Complete wood grain decals for 35A05 deck.

Wood transport accessories (transport case, staircase, wood strip)


Maquetas - AFV 1/35 -


The Weathering Special: Trenes
Publicaciones - Revistas - Ammo

9,50 EUR



German Railway Gondola Typ Ommr w/2cm Fl
Maquetas - AFV 1/35 - Dragon

61,50 EUR



Locomotora Armada Alemana Vapor BR52
Maquetas - AFV 1/35 - Trumpeter

102,50 EUR



Publicaciones - Libros - AK Interactive

42,00 EUR

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