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Plegalistones eléctrico

Ref.: ARTE-270741

Logo Artesania latina

27,95 EUR

Electric Plegalistons


Electric legalistons for bending wood in modelling and modelling works.

Includes a wooden base with two pre-cut curvatures to gradually gain in curvature when it comes to getting a very pronounced.

Anti-caloric table support and screwdriver for assembly included.

The wood should be left to soak for several hours and continue to wet after each pass to heat it.

220 Volt AC operation

Naval - Herramientas - Artesania latina


San Juan Nepomucemo
Naval - Barcos Madera - Artesania latina

297,00 EUR



La Pinta
Naval - Barcos Madera - Artesania latina

139,50 EUR

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