Sd.Kfz.231 8 Rad. Early  (Vista 1)
Sd.Kfz.231 8 Rad. Early (Vista 2)

Sd.Kfz.231 8 Rad. Early

Ref.: AFVC-35231

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Sd.Kfz.231 8 Rad. Early
The term Schwerer Panzerspähwagen (Heavy armored reconnaissance vehicle), covers the 6 and 8 wheeled armoured cars Germany used during the Second World War. In the German Army, armoured cars were intended for the traditional cavalry missions of reconnaissance and screening. They scouted ahead of mechanized units to assess enemy strength and location. Their primary role was to observe rather than fight enemy units, although they were expected to fight enemy reconnaissance elements when required. This type of vehicle was mainly used from 1939 (Polish campaign) to 1941 (Barbarossa operation)

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German Sd.Kfz.231 8 ROD early version
Maquetas - Fotograbados - Voyager Model

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