Sd.Kfz.251/3 Ausf.D

Ref.: AFVC-35S47

36,50 EUR

Sd.Kfz.251/3 Ausf.D mittlerer Funkpanzerwagen
Scale model in plastic to scale 1/ 35 in order to mount and paint
Mittlerer Funkpanzerwagen Wehrmacht half-track, late radio command variant. Kit has detailed exterior, driver and radio compartments, vinyl track lengths, separately molded hatches, radios/equipment racks and on-vehicle tools, plus optional parts for late or final production version. Also includes photo-etch parts (star antenna and brackets), infantry weapons (MG34, MG42, MP40 and 98K) and optional open/closed stowage locker. Decals and painting reference for 4 vehicles: 12.SS.Pz.Div, Belgium, March 1944; 20.Pz.Div, Eastern Front, summer 1944; 116.Pz.Div, Hurtegen Forest, Belgium, November 1944; Panzer Korps Feldherrnhalle, Czechoslovakia, May 1945.

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