Cutty Sark 1869

Ref.: AIRF-09253

39,75 EUR

Cutty Sark 1869


Airfix plastic scale model 1/130 for mounting and painting. Number of pieces 220 dimensions L520mm

Brief History

The Cutty Sark, built in Dumbarton is the best known of all the clippers and in her hey-day was the fastest of them all. She could carry 32,000 square feet of sail giving her a maximum speed of over 17 knots. Employed in the tea trade, she was used to speed the new seasons crop from China to London where the crews hoped to gain the prestige of being the first back. Since 1957 she has been in dry-dock in Greenwich, London, attracting visitors from all around the world. This much loved ship was almost destroyed by fire on May 21st 2007. A "cutty sark" is a short chemise. The name comes from a poem by Robbie Burns, 'Tam O'Shanter', where Tam, a young lad sees some witches dancing in the wood, one of whom is wearing a very revealing Cutty Sark.

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