Junco Chino Pirata  (Vista 1)
Junco Chino Pirata  (Vista 2)
Junco Chino Pirata (Vista 3)
Junco Chino Pirata (Vista 4)

Junco Chino Pirata

Ref.: AMAT-1421

Logo Amati

131,50 EUR

The last thing a clipper ship, loaded with tea and spices, wanted to see was a Chinese Pirate Junk, bristling with cannons. Junks such as this dotted the rivers and harbors of China and Hong Kong, and it was often impossible to tell whether they belonged to merchants or pirates until it was too late. Kit includes pre-cut beech and walnut parts; plank on bulkhead construction; wooden and metal fittings; sail cloth with bamboo parts; plan and instructions.

Escale 1/100

Naval - Barcos Madera - Amati
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